Adam Moorman
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American Planning Association "Let's Make a Change"

American Planning Association “Let’s Make a Change”


Writer, Producer, Director, DP, Editor: Adam Moorman

APA was looking for a video that conveyed several messages to entice Urban Planning students to join the Association. We used the multiple messages as the foundation and as an opportunity to make a super fast, high-energy brand film for the minds behind our cities.

APA approached us directly to help them create their video. Initially, we envisioned a short form documentary that would follow the mentorship of a student, while following the progression of a project. When we had our first in-person meeting we re-evaluated their objectives and decided that they needed a more energetic, conceptual piece rather than the short form documentary. I took the project and ran. 

I locked in on a first person narrative told through the eyes of a young adult. The story revolves around the young male imagining his path to becoming a planner. This approach relates to students and also made it easy to highlight many aspects of urban planning. Adam wrote the script in a way where the energetic pace of the video matches the pace of an inspired mind, so no thought lingers for more than a couple of seconds.

In order to best utilize the budget and time sensitivity of the project, I scheduled two-man crews to work in blocks. “A shot here, a shot there” was the mantra. The shot list was long so Adam focused on capturing visuals that weren’t in need of heavy production. Most shots used available light and were scheduled during different parts of the day depending on the location of the sun. Only a few scenes involved production crews with gear. This made for light loads and quick shooting. Adam also sourced free footage on Internet archives to use in the project. All in all, it was a visual collage of sorts.