Adam Moorman
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Hisense Spot

Hisense Walmart Spot


Producer: Kirstin Dorsch /// DP: Mike Bove

One of my better days was when I was asked to shoot a television commercial featuring race cars, pyrotechnics and confetti canons. JMI (Just Marketing International) and Hisense teamed up to make a spot promoting a 4K Hisense television that would be sold at Walmarts worldwide. I got to direct it.

JMI needed us to handle all aspects of production within a five-day window – and we were given a very short six-hour window of time to shoot at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Within two days we locked local creative, studio, crew and gear. It was madness.

Day 1 started at Hammerhead Entertainment in Mooresville, N.C. We captured all product shots of the television and prepped for the track. As we headed to the track the rain started and we were quickly informed that the Hisense NASCAR team wouldn’t allow us to run the car on the wet track. With some quick creative adjustments, we picked up all shots that didn’t require the car to move and wrapped Day 1. 

Day 2 was a scramble to say the least, but with a sense of urgency and a jam-packed three-hour window, we knocked out all chase car footage, a 500-foot firework shot, a perfectly timed confetti canon shot and wrapped in the nick of time. 

I wanted a spot that would show the strengths of the television while targeting people who enjoy NASCAR. I was very specific in choosing to use high-contrast, color saturation and dynamic sound design to bring all aspects of the TV to life. JMI created a great narrative for me to work with, so I could create the visual tone and style necessary to make a killer spot.