Adam Moorman
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Main Street Advisors "The Woodworker"

Main Street Advisors "The Woodworker"


Producer: Kirstin Dorsch /// DP: Matthew Rivera

MSF was presenting at a large financial conference and needed a statement-making video to end their presentation. The concept was to create a narrative that showed how a woodworking craftsman’s process mirrored MSF’s process. I was immediately inspired by the subject matter and took my time creating a visual narrative for this project.

We scoured the Internet and found David Stine, whose business and home were located in Dow, Illinois. Stine is not only considered one of the best woodworkers in the country, but perfectly personified the trust and hardworking nature of MSF. We rented an RV, loaded it with both gear and crew and headed to southern Illinois.

The scrappiness of the team on this shoot created some of the best moments in the finished product. For example, I woke up to a very early alarm to capture a series of sunrise shots. Matthew Rivera was at arm’s length and captured the shots while still in pajamas. The fact that the entire crew was working so close together out of a camper made for some spontaneous moments that wouldn’t have happened if the situation were more rigid. 

We spent two days shooting on location with Stine. We had to make the workshop looked like various times of day, which forced us to be creative with lighting and camera angles to make sure we clearly showed a realistic passage of time. The cast and crew all worked hard and had a blast on this shoot.