Adam Moorman
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Marriott "Wander"

Marriott "Wander"


Producer: Emily Barber /// DP: Matthew Rivera

Marriott was looking for a lifestyle spot that attracted young professionals interested in travel and culture. The idea was to visualize a day of leisure at Marriott, but we thought it would be interesting if the VO sounded like a memory or reflection of the past. The footage has a sense of nostalgia, so it I thought it paired well.

We had one day to shoot so I opted to use a “Run and Gun” approach. We used the Alexi Mini lensed with Kowa anamorphics. The lenses added character and provided a vintage look that ultimately seems timeless. The smaller camera package allowed us to work quickly, which gave us the time we needed to squeeze in extra scenes. We shot the underwater footage with a Sony A7s in a water housing. Our actor couldn’t surf, so we called around and found a double. We nailed the double’s stuff in 20 minutes, which allowed us to capture more abstract footage with our actress in the water.

It was an extremely fun, fast shoot. The crew were all homies from Chicago, who moved to LA. Without their resourcefulness I wouldn’t have been able to pull this off.