Adam Moorman
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Screenlight Brand Film

Screenlight Brand Film


Producer: Kirstin Dorsch /// DP: Jon Hamblin

Screenlight was looking for a video that explained its software in a relatable way that spoke to both potential Screenlight clients and fellow video pros. I decided to pull back the curtain and offer a tongue-in-cheek view into our industry – and we had the creative freedom we needed to come up with something truly awesome. loved the idea of having an unashamed, brazen host weave through a working set, playing all roles while demonstrating how and why one would use Screenlight in an accessible way. I wrote this script with the help of Sam, the host, in what is essentially my way of speaking.

We had two days to shoot this at an old photography studio we found on the south side of Chicago. We spent a good amount of time scouting unique studios to help us capture the right amount of character in our set environment. Once we saw the “Stage Door” and failed opening it we realized that we had just stumbled upon our opening of the video. I wanted to make the video feel like one continuous scene, so I choreographed long tracking shots with Director of Photography, Jon Hamblin. I feared that the copy and information would become stale if the pace ever slowed, so with quippy dialogue, fast camera movement and tight editing the video ended up moving at a very good clip. 

After the video was locked and delivered, Screenlight was delighted with final product. The video loops as the background of its homepage and has garnered 60,000 views on Facebook. Screenlight has recently created a case study of its own, with a profile that highlights every aspect of the process.